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Ballistics started in 92 with Snowboards and Windsurfers, but Windsurfing crapped out big time so we got into Wakeboarding.

Snowboarding led to Skiing, Wakeboarding led to water-skis, then we got rid of snow skis, got into a few skateboards, got out of skateboarding , got into kites, got straight back out of kites, got back into snow skis, and finally got back into kites AAAAAAnd now we are back out of kites again – here we are!!!

Not very loyal but definitely on the pulse. We know whats hot and we only stock the best of the best equipment.

Spy Optics NZ

Crafted for uncompromising performance and style, these goggles are your trusted companions on the slopes.

Designed to tackle even the most extreme conditions, they offer crystal-clear optics and superior anti-fog technology to ensure unobstructed vision. The sleek and ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable fit, while the triple-layer face foam provides all-day comfort. From the snow-capped peaks of Queenstown to the Japanese Hills, Spy Optics Snow Goggles are your ticket to Happy Vision. 

Legacy Board Store

Legacy Board Store stocks an extensive range of Skate, Snow, Wake and Streetwear brands from around the globe, and right here in NZ. We pride ourselves in our fast shipping, and excellent knowledge and customer service.

Keep an eye out for the latest deliveries, and sale products always updated. Our product selection is always growing.

100% New Zealand owned. Support your local

Korua Shapes

KORUA was born from a group of friends, who happened to be traveling snowboard nerds in our 30’s. On a trip to Japan in 2012 we witnessed the country’s thriving snow-surf culture and their specifically “built for deep powder” boards. 

This spoke to our individual riding styles and interests. So when the opportunity arose to start our own brand, it was clear that the focus would lie on making boards that were easy-to-ride in our home mountains — the Alps, and that would turn exceptionally well. At the core of every KORUA board, is a sidecut that allows you to carve like no others on hard groomers, and a shape that lets you float through powder with ease. They truly are great all-round snowboards.